The First “Net-Zero” Arena in North America

Imagine an ice arena which operates with no net cost for electricity and fuel. As the architect of the first LEED certified arena in North America this is the current goal for Bear Mountain Design. BMD has two projects currently on the boards which if successful, will become the first “Net-Zero” rinks of their kind in North America.

The current strategy that BMD is employing to achieve this goal is simple and requires just two main components. First; improve the efficiency limits of a typical rink by approximately 50%. Although this has never been achieved BMD is confident that through system integration, intelligent engineering, ultra-efficient lighting and mechanical systems, the 50% energy efficiency goal is actually now achievable. Second; use earth friendly renewable energy generation for the other 50%. The most likely source of this energy is solar PV and solar HW. Solar PV can be used to offset the electrical requirements. Solar HW can be used mainly to offset fuel consumption but may also be used in the refrigeration process to reduce electrical consumption as well.

Bear Mountain Design is proud to be at the forefront of all these important advances in sustainable rink development.