Creating The First LEED Certified Arena

In 2009 the new Sidney J. Watson Arena designed by Bear Mountain Design opened its doors to the public and became the first LEED certified rink of its kind in North America. The importance of this can’t be overstated. Since Watson Arena opened there have been numerous ice arenas which have received LEED certifications but Watson Arena was the first. Ice Arenas are notoriously resource inefficient. They historically require significantly more resources per square foot then most other building types. The Bear Mountain Design team was the very first to successfully overcome this problem and the BMD design for Watson Arena has become a model for others to follow. If you’re unfamiliar with LEED, you may be wondering how a LEED certified rink differs from a “normal” rink. The answer to this question is simple. A LEED certified rink uses less electricity, fuel, water, and other precious resources while simultaneously enjoying a reduction in polluting emissions. Bear Mountain Design is proud to have played this key role in making ice arenas more sustainable.